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About Dr Richard Mitchell

My job is to ensure that your article or document is error-free and optimised for clarity.


I qualified as a dentist at the University of Manchester, England, in 1979.


Since then, I have worked in six countries, in three languages, and written two websites; one about dental health, and one about Swimrun. They are, and, about an endurance sport.

I have over 12 years experience in writing web content, with proofreading and editing. I am also a ghostwriter and proofreader for and


My dental training and experience give me a unique perspective on detail. My work has taught me the value of systems to minimise errors, while years of reading academic journals have given me an acute eye for mistakes.

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I have completed a course in proofreading and copyediting at the College of Media and Publishing in the UK, with distinction.


I offer my services to individuals and organisations who want to make sure that their written communications are clear, easy to understand, and grammatically correct!


I work with Word and .pdf documents, using an iMac computer. All work is also checked with proofreading and editing software. But, ultimately, the human eye will detect errors that software can miss.

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